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About Michael

Michael is a sought after best selling author, spiritual teacher and co-founder of multiple successful companies including Superhero Training and Ombar Chocolate. Michael has a passion for freedom and spiritual awakening, and has been a Leader in the field of Spiritual and Personal Growth for 10 years. Michael teaches meditation and how to become an ‘AwakenedPreneur’ in these powerful times of change. He is an Internationally Recognized Spiritual Mentor and works with clients worldwide to increase their power, peace and productivity. He graduated from the University of Cambridge with an Honors Degree in Fine Art and incorporates his appreciation of Beauty in all he does.

Michael’s books are International Best Sellers and his companies continue to serve people worldwide. Superhero Training is an International Personal Growth Training for Artists and Visionaries to Rise in their Spiritual Power and Get Their Work Out Successfully, and Ombar chocolate has made over 2.5 million in revenue and is one of England’s most beloved chocolate companies. Michael lives by the Truth of being the change, and inspires people worldwide to awaken spiritually, serve graciously and live abundantly.

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