Ever wonder why the law of attraction doesn’t seem to work?

Have you spent hours and hours visualizing and saying affirmations with little to no result?

There’s nothing wrong with you!

It’s just that the Law of Attraction leaves out the most important factor in determining your life experience and level of happiness, and that is the Law of Ascension.

The Law of Ascension refers to your level of consciousness. There is a scale, so to speak, of consciousness, and the higher you ascend up the scale, the closer you are to more enlightened states of consciousness. Seeing the word through this lens is much different from one at, say, the level of grief or apathy.

When you are operating at an elevated level of consciousness, you literally have more horsepower to manifest. When you say an affirmation or have a pure desire, it will easily manifest before you. You have the vibrational power to do so.

When you are resonating at a lower level of consciousness, you can say all the affirmations you want and have all the vision boards in the world, and still, you will see little to no results.

So, our question to you is this,

Is your level of consciousness hurting or helping you?

Your personal level of consciousness may be the ONE thing holding you back from more wealth, joy and success. Discover how to raise it, so you can begin living life on your own divine terms.

Why do some people have it so easy?

Do you ever wonder how some fortunate souls seems to effortlessly attract good into their lives? While others struggle every step of the way, with even the small things?

It seems there is some sort of invisible law acting, allowing some to thrive and others to fail, again and again.

If you’re like most people, life is somewhat like a roller coaster. Good days. Bad days. And for the most part, you have worries on your mind about money, health, your relationships, feeling unfulfilled in your job and whether or not you’re ever going to break out of it, or if you’ll end up wasting your life in worry and stress.

Is there a way out? Is it possible to attain the same fortune others seems to have?

Yes, it is, and it all has to do with one fascinating secret that dictates everything you experience in life, from the car you drive to the mood you wake up with in the morning.

And that is the law of Ascension.

The law of Ascension states that so as your level of consciousness, so will be your practical experience of life.

Each and everyone of us lives in our own unique universe. Have you ever been in a public place, say and beach or park, and noticed that every single person there was having a different experience?

That’s because each person is experiencing life through their own individual lens, and attracting experiences and feelings based on their level of consciousness.

For example, someone operating at a lower level of consciousness might be seeing the world through the eyes of guilt and shame. They always feel they are wrong and that no one likes them. They continue attracting experiences as such; their relationships always seem to fail, they never have enough money to really enjoy life, as deep down, they don’t feel they deserve it. They deal with tedious ‘mess’ after tedious mess, always ‘screwing up’ and needing to clean up. Life is challenging and often unpleasant for this person. Sure, they have their better days, but the overall experience of their life at this level isn’t pleasant.

Take another person operating at a higher level of consciousness, one of unconditional love. This person sees and experiences deep love and appreciation in all of their interactions. They work in a job they love that provides them with the lifestyle they enjoy most. They have time to relax and enjoy their family. For this person, seeing through the lens of love, life is an effortless stream of sweetness. Though they may still experience challenging situations, they don’t see it as that. Every experience they have they know to be a blessing, and, because of a resonating a vibration of self-love, they always have all of the resources they need to handle situations, as deep down they know their true spiritual nature and believe they are worth it.

See the difference? Both of these people can be walking in the park, even side by side in conversation, and they will each have a drastically different experience of life, each other and the park.

It’s deep and fascinating!

A proven method for raising your level of consciousness (one that actually works)

Here’s where spirituality and practicality meet. You want practical, real results in your life. More time, money, love, wealth, freedom, happiness etc. You may have dappled in spirituality but always found it to be quite woo-woo, ‘out there’  and never something that could actually impact and improve your life practically.

Well here’s where that changes.

Practical Spirituality has an actual purpose; to ascend in your level of consciousness and live a life of pleasure and happiness. We all want to be happy, and this is the method to attain that. We know external things in themselves won’t make us happy. There are plenty of people who have material wealth; large homes, cars, expensive clothing, etc, but who are still unhappy. The real wealth starts on the inside, and shines through into your life from there.

To truly attain everything, we must raise our level of consciousness within from which we experience all life. Then, our external world begins to match a purified internal world, and soon enough, your entire experience and circumstances are entirely different.

This is where the law of attraction leaves off and the Law of Ascension begins. It’s the missing piece you’ve been looking for, and we’re here to show you how to raise your level of consciousness and ascend to experiencing the life you’ve always dreamed of, except better.

Michael Mackintosh is a Spiritual Teacher and entrepreneur who specializes in helping you get practical results from your spiritual practice. We’ve all heard the theories and grand ideas about ascension, but Michael takes this a step further and actually teaches you how to ascend, practically, and get real results in your life that you’ve always wanted.

Michael’s teachings are where spirituality meets grounded success in life. You can be spiritual and wealthy, too. You can live life on your own terms and have great relationships.  Because what’s the point of a spiritual practice if it doesn’t actually change your life for the better! You were meant to ‘have it all’ and thrive. So long as you raise your level of consciousness. (Michael will show you how).

In the past 15 years, over 10,000 people have sought Michael’s guidance. In this time, he’s noticed that raising one’s level of consciousness often leas to a direct change in one’s life circumstances and experience. It’s the missing piece and what most spiritual teachings leave out.

Michael is the real deal – living what he shares about. He enjoys the life he loves on the beautiful island of Kauai with his beloved Arielle. Michael is the co-founder of Superhero training with Nick Good and David Wolfe, founder of Enlightenedpreneurs Academy and co-founder of Atma publishing with Arielle Hecht. Michael lives the life he loves BECAUSE of his consistent practice of raising his level of consciousness. He is here to share the key to the kingdom with you too.

Many of his clients have reported experiencing:

* Dramatic increases in their wealth and prosperity by developing a wealthy mindset, a benevolent attitude to serving others, and a stronger intuition for saving and using money in a worthwhile way.

* Attracting their soulmate, true love at last by raising their own level of consciousness to one compatible with true love and a vibration equal to that of their soul mate, their highest form of partnership and love.

* Enhanced physical and mental wellbeing by becoming more in touch with their body’s true needs and adopting new healthy lifestyle choices in resonance with their higher level of consciousness.

* Clarity and Direction on their life purpose by coming into alignment with their higher self and seeing clearly the true blueprint their soul has laid out for them.

Start raising your level of consciousness today. Harness the power of the Law of Ascension.

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