Freedom from Negativity (and old-soulitus)

You may wonder what to do about all the weird, old, completed ’stuff’ that comes up from time to time.

How to overcome those addictive tendencies?

How to release and let go of the old patterns that bind us?

How to experience higher states of peace, love SATISFACTION & contentment (so we don’t crave things)

In this audio you will learn an effective 3 step process to easily help you:

• Be free of negative self-judgement

• Overcome deep seated additions, tendencies and negativity

• Experience DEEP and beautiful states of peace and lightness

• Discover how to connect with the Source more easily and use this energy to free you

• And personal stories and experiences from my own life PLUS – At the end there is a bonus meditation I recorded after a long meditation one evening. I was in a very deep state and wanted to share some thoughts so you can enjoy that yourself.

You will find this meditation at the END of this audio.

Length of audio talk: 40 Mins. Meditation at the end: 20 Mins. Enjoy!

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