How to live a simple life and have everything you could ever want?

The secret to getting everything we want is is OPPOSITE of what we’d normally think.

We’re taught to go ‘out there’ and get a bunch of stuff. Buy special things, go on vacations and retreats, take endless classes – add, add, add – and finally we’ll ‘get’ what we want.

Finally,we hope, we will learn the secrets we’re missing. Finally we’ll have seen the world, finally we’ll be at peace…

Finally, we’ll feel full and complete and have everything.

But sadly, the journey to ‘get’ things (which is dominating most of the world) is literally never ending. There is always a better iPhone, a cooler place to go, a more elegant outfit, a new type of chocolate, a fascinating new book – and it goes on and on and on forever…

(I know, I’ve tried tons of the best stuff ever for years!)

Now, it doesn’t mean that having things is bad. Its not that eating chocolate is a serious problem or reading books is the enemy.

It’s just realizing that the search will never end.

The quest for new experiences is like a bottomless pit and if we think that having more and more and more will finally fulfill us – we will always be chasing after something. And always feel empty and needy no matter how much we buy or how much we do.

And the more stuff we have, the more we have to think about our stuff. We have to protect it, look after it, deal with it.

And if we’re not careful, we’ll find ourselves like a spider trapped in its own web. Our minds will be full of stuff and trying to find clever ways to manage all the stuff we’ve got. After a while we’re burdened and stuck to the thing we hoped would bring us freedom and make us feel good.

So where can we find what we’re really looking for?

Where do the feelings or total fullness and complete satisfaction actually come from?

After 15 years of meditation and deep fascination with this – I’ve found that behind the layers of complication and clutter is a state of deep and profound inner joy, freedom, wealth and peace.

The BLISS, LOVE and JOY that we want is ALWAYS ON.

It’s always turned on FULL BLAST – like the sun, radiating powerful light constantly and endlessly. No books or courses or meditations can ever turn it on – because the light we are is endless and eternal and has existed forever. Nothing can turn it off. Ever.


You are radiating waves of powerful vibrations right now!

The only reason we don’t feel this all day long is NOT because of needing more stuff. It’s the exact opposite.

All these beautiful feelings are covered up by all the stuff, the endless search for things. The obsession with ‘I’ – the character we see in the mirror. The person we call ‘me’.

When we strip away all the ego-based trivia and mindless consumerism and addiction to more, more and more…

And make this whole world small, and insignificant… It’ then that we re-experience the MAGIC and the full blast of immense beauty and radiance that we can never get from consumption….

It’s when we let go of obsession with the body that the bliss chemicals begin to flow in the brain like a river of tingling peace and ecstasy. Is going the complete other way from getting – and into being NOTHING, that the feeling of total wonder and complete contentment saturates our mind and heart.

I’m amazing at how FULL and blissed out I feel when I return to ZERO.

And yet, we’re all surrounded with endless distractions and tempting things that promise to give us something, yet create clouds in front of the blazing blissful sun you are.

It’s a wonder

Sending love *


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